Happy Thanksgiving!

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Whether you hail from the U.S., Costa Rica, somewhere in Europe or any other nation, Thanksgiving is one holiday that has the uncanny ability to transcend its American roots, crossing borders and influencing cultures. The spirit of giving thanks for what we have is something all people can relate to and when it’s accompanied by a delicious Thanksgiving Day turkey feast… Why not!?


Here in Tamarindo at Las Mareas, we are less than two weeks away from the opening of Pangas Beach Club and to celebrate, we’re breaking in the kitchen with a Thanksgiving meal on the beach. We’ll be hosting our first villa owners, staff, employees, partners, family and friends all coming together from countries including: the U.S., France, Belgium, Costa Rica, Spain and more.


We just want to take a minute to say how thankful we are for everyone’s continued support and help in making Las Mareas a reality. Each person’s role – no matter how big or small – plays an integral part in bringing our vision to fruition and we wouldn’t be here today without the incredible people surrounding this project. We are also grateful to be living in the gorgeous country of Costa Rica. Here, we are lucky to live among some of the world’s richest natural beauty with rich jungles, gold-sand beaches and sunsets that somehow manage to blow your socks off each and every night. At Las Mareas, we find ourselves especially thankful for the Tamarindo community – the kind people, the welcoming spirit and supportive energy makes this town the ideal spot for our project.

Pangas Beach Club set up for Thanksgiving!









Thanksgiving Dinner at Pangas



Cheers to everyone, have a fabulous day and a happy Thanksgiving once again!

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