How to write a dissertation results

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How to write a dissertation results

In the dissertation or thesis, the discussion and results sections are collectively known as the presentation of data, its analysis, and interpretation. It is where you need to describe the results, show why the dissertation was written and interpret the outcomes in a better way. Some of the aspects you need to bear in mind are discussed below.

Insert graphs, charts, photos and tables

It is important to insert charts, images, tables and graphs in the results section. Make sure you have drawn them from scratch, and no image or graph is copied from the web. Most of the students copy graphs and charts from the internet, but it is not a good thing since the supervisor will ask you to revise everything and that will definitely waste your time and energy. To solve this problem you can use an

Write headings and subheadings

At every step, you should write headings and subheadings to distinguish between any two datasets. Whether the study has been qualitative or quantitative, you must divide it into different sections in the Results and Discussion part. In the meantime, you should ensure that each section accompanies sufficient and relevant content as well as graphs, charts, and photos.

Mention the key results

Mention the key results in this chapter of the dissertation, and make sure you have shown all the calculations and formulas. There is no need to write the content that has nothing to do with your actual topic. Instead, you should plan, organize and mention the results that you have actually evaluated during the research projects or the fieldwork.

Discuss the main issue

It is where the main issue has to be discussed and prove that the results support your thesis statement. It can be done using a number of evidence-based examples. Remember that you are not allowed to write generic content or something which is out of context since it can cause problems for you once the dissertation is submitted to the supervisor.

Share the insights of the data

It is a must to share the insights of the data. In other words, we can say that you should write proper descriptions and explanations of each graph, chart or table you insert in the Results chapter. You cannot insert and leave them as such. Instead, proper description long with each table and citations are a must.

Write it from scratch

Write everything from scratch and do not try to plagiarize your paper. Students often copy datasets from the web, which can cause problems for them in the long run. So, you should write everything yourself and ensure that it aligns with the standards maintained by your institutions or the guidelines provided by the supervisor.

Insert citations and references

Insert proper references and citations, and do not leave this section as such. In fact, there should be a combination of personal information as well as data collected during your research. Whatever you have collected from books and journals or have taken inspiration from needs to be properly inserted, referenced and cited. Everything must support your argument and highlight the purpose of your research.

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