How to Write a Research Paper in APA Style

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The American Psychological Associations is one of the commonly used writing styles in most of the institutions. You can look at some helpful examples at The style is easy to use because it only requires the writer to divide their paper into specified sections by following the formatting guidelines of APA. Ensure that the paper has a title, abstract, introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. This will provide room to apply the formatting guidelines.

Title page

This page contains the running head, author’s name, institutional affiliation, and the authors note in that order. It is important to note that the running head will only be written on the header of the first page. The rest of the headers will only contain the title of the paper and page numbers. To add a header, double-click on the top of the page, then choose the option for a different first page from the header tools. To add a page number, choose the top page option number three. Capitalize each page of the running head and write the title of the work in capital letters.

Running Head: THE FUTURE OF POLITICS IN NORTH KOREA                                                     1


In addition, the title name should capture the main idea that will be discussed in the paper and should not contain any unnecessary abbreviations. Also, it should not be more than 12 words. Similar to the rest of the essay, double space this section. Ensure that the author’s name does not contain any titles such as Dr. and Mr. The institutional affiliation represents the place whereby the research took place.


Title of the Paper

Authors Name

Institutional Affiliation


Body Paragraphs

On the first line of page two, center the word abstract. Press enter then start typing your abstract. This paragraph ought to be double spaces, not intended and not more than 250 words. It gives the key points that will be discussed in the rest of the paper. In addition, intent and type keywords in italics. List all the keywords that will be included in the paper. The keywords play an important role in helping researchers to locate the paper on search engines.

On page three, begin with the running head, press the enter button and then type the introduction. This should be intended, and the last sentence is the thesis statement. In opinion of writers from essays writing service, type each of the ideas in separate paragraphs ensuring that each has a topic sentence, an explanation, and a conclusion.  In the case of lengthy research papers, ensure that the method used in data collection, results and explanations are well explained in different paragraphs. The body paragraphs should be justified and double-spaced. As well, the same formatting guidelines apply to the conclusion paragraph. This paragraph gives the writer’s opinions and feelings towards the topic.


Besides, citations are used throughout the papers when giving ideas that were written by other authors. The citation involves the name of the author and the year of publication. Page numbers are not used in APA. The reference page is written in a separate and the final page of the paper.  Center the word references and, ensure that it is not bolded or in italics. List your references in alphabetical order. The references should be formatted to the left with a hanging intend and double-spaced. All the articles that have been used to write the paper should be listed down and cited properly.

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