Las Mareas Soundbites: Part 2, Green Features

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Green Features

We’re very proud of our conservative stance on the environment. A few of the green features in El Tesoro are: green zones, height restrictions, set back requirements and a black water treatment plant who’s water is then used to irrigate the community green zones. Our villas proudly boast Pella-brand doors and windows that are filled with dual pane glass, which seal like refrigerators and keep the hot out and the cold in. Our roof was insulated with closed cell foam, to prevent radiant heat from entering the unit and our air-conditioners are of the latest technology for high efficiency. All of this combines to create a minimum need for energy to run these villas, thus benefiting the environment and greatly reducing the cost of ownership. Additionally, our landscaping has been strategically chosen to include local plant varieties that are drought tolerant and well suited to the climate here, yet still remain beautiful and tropical. We also deliberately oriented all the units northwest – something we will try to do with all our future construction – so the afternoon tropical sun doesn’t enter the home. A tremendous amount of energy is saved this way and your views remain blue and green through the morning, afternoon and evening.



Here is a list Las Mareas’ green features:


  • Black water treatment plant where water is processed and then used to irrigate the community’s green zones
  • El Tesoro is filled with protected green zones so you will always have trees around to support air-quality, natural wildlife and temperature regulation
  • La Cantina bi-folding door systems on the living room and master bedroom patio: These doors seal your villa like a refrigerator, so when they’re closed, no air can escape thus saving you A/C use and energy
  • Pella dual-pane, argon-filled glass windows: Keep heat out and cold in, these windows are the most energy efficient on the market not only keeping your villa nice and cool, but also reducing the amount of energy consumption necessary
  • Closed cell foam roof insulation – This innovative technology prevents radiant heat from entering the unit, lowering in-home energy costs and consumption
  • High efficiency 17-seer Carrier A/C units with room occupancy sensors are built with smart technology to turn down when the sensor notices no people are in a room – a great energy and money saver if you ever forget to switch off the A/C!
  • Landscaping – All our landscaping has been strategically chosen to include local plant varieties that are well-suited to the climate and drought tolerant, thus giving your villa a thriving green surrounding for incredible air quality all year long
  • Orientation: Each villa is deliberately oriented northwest – meaning no afternoon tropical sun enters your home during the hottest hours of the day, thus keeping your needs for energy and A/C consumption to a minimum.


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