Las Mareas Soundbites: Part 3, Cost of Ownership

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Cost of Ownership:


Las Mareas has been preparing to engage in development since 2005. We had the unexpected benefit of the financial downturn, which allowed us time to rewrite our business plan considering a post-financial crisis market. We recognize that people are no longer buying properties expecting to appreciate 20% a year, but they are buying properties now because they truly want to own them.


Las Mareas is a wonderful development for the sustainability of the marketplace. We also realize people simply want the combination of high quality at a great price. We’re attempting to give them that. People also want to know that ownership won’t be expensive and part of considering the price is the cost of ownership. What are the HOA fees? What are my electric bills? What can I expect for repairs and maintenance? How about income on my property if I rent it?


We’re very pleased at Las Mareas to have put together a plan to score high marks in all these categories. For example, the energy saving features on the villas also translate to low cost of ownership. Much energy has been directed toward creating a structure that lowers the HOA fees and we think we’ve been successful. Through a special relationship with our beach club we also expect to exceed the local market in rentability and give our buyers income on their villa if they so desire it. Greater detail on these points can be provided upon request.


Pura vida!


(Just 2 weeks until the first villa is complete!)



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