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I want to start by introducing myself and thanking you all for your patience. First, my name is Suzanna Lourie and I recently joined the team at Las Mareas to help with all-things that fall under the domain of marketing and web communications. With a background in journalism and nonfiction writing, this newsletter is one of the responsibilities I am most excited about undertaking Inflatable Water Game.


Actually, getting ready to hit the “send” button took a bit longer than I anticipated, but as of today the wait is officially over. November is here and the entire team here at Las Mareas, myself included, are chomping at the bit to move into high gear with the upcoming opening of Pangas Beach Club and all the other exciting activities planned for the month ahead.


September and October proved that no amount of rain and no number of earthquakes could shake the momentum that’s been building here at Las Mareas de Tamarindo. This rainy season began a series of activities that continues to grow daily as construction on our villa residences advances and as we near the opening of our beach club on November 11th.  Although the past two months were anything but slow, November already feels different.

Maybe it’s the bright sun absorbing all the extra mud in the streets or the fact that the rainy season humidity is drying out for high season… whatever it is, the vibe in Tamarindo is changing and the energy at Las Mareas is contagious!


Without writing a full-length novel, let me bring you up to speed on the recent happenings here at Las Mareas:



  •  Construction on Lot 14 is coming along at a strong and steady pace. It’s the little things like the Caña wood ceiling detail and the tile beginning to cover the kitchen floors that are really tying the villas together and bringing the vision of Las Mareas to life. Everything is on track with our first villa scheduled to be complete this December and the last in February 2013. We’re not sure we would have the stomach for some of the heights our workers brave every day (see photo), but hey, at least the view isn’t too shabby!

Worker's view from Lot 14

  • Pangas Beach Club is less than two weeks away from opening. We still can’t believe it! The beach lot is almost unrecognizable – it’s really happening. Polished concrete floors set the stage for our Guanacaste wood communal table and the driftwood-style beach furniture is ready to take its place out front. We’ve hired Jean-Luc Taulere, a fantastic eighth-generation French chef who owns and operates two restaurants in Flamingo Beach. With Jean-Luc we have Elizabeth Cole on the management side and they are proving to be an unstoppable team. After more than five years of working together, these two know how to open a restaurant. They’ve been here at the beach club day in and day out overseeing the final details and screening applicants to hand select the best of the best to represent Pangas this coming season.

Pangas' Communal Table

  • Las Mareas is now online! Our website,, finally launched last week. I recently returned to Tamarindo from a trip to the States where I was able to undergo the web software training necessary to manage the site independently back in Costa Rica. Certain parts of the site are still not published and remain under construction, but if you have any questions, comments or suggestions about any of the content at, please don’t hesitate to let me know at The more feedback we get, the better we can be.

  • Social Media is going to be huge in the future of this project. As we work on building Pangas’ independent website, the Pangas Facebook page will be the spot to stay up to date with news, events and recent photos. Please help spread the word by checking out our pages and “liking” them if you haven’t already! Las Mareas:

  • In the office, we were sad to see Raquel Arostegui work her last day in October. She was truly an instrumental force in getting this project off the ground and although we’ll miss her, we wish Raquel the best of luck with an exciting new career path in San Jose. Before she left, Raquel saved Las Mareas one last time by helping find Priscilla Solera, a talented new executive assistant who has taken to her new position in no time. Priscilla is doing great and with such a smooth transition it feels like she’s been here forever.

  • Interest in Las Mareas is inevitably growing as our web presence increases and activity builds on the ground here in Tamarindo. Right now, villas #1 and #5 are sold and we have several interested buyers waiting to see the finished product.


Overall, it’s been an awesome couple of months and we couldn’t be more excited about what the future holds for Las Mareas de Tamarindo. There’s so much to look forward to and we hope you’ll check back, ask questions and stay tuned for our next round of updates after the beach club opens this month. Better yet, it’s that time of year to start looking at flights so you can come experience the Las Mareas lifestyle for yourself… See you soon!






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