Southwest Airlines Will Soon Fly to Costa Rica

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With the plan to build a new international terminal in Houston and the goal of venturing into international markets, Southwest Airlines will be flying to Costa Rica sooner than we might have thought.

According to an article published in the Costa Rican Times on Tuesday, March 12, Southwest set a goal of doubling its number of international flights over the next five years.


Southwest, a low-cost airline historically based in the United States, made its first move toward international expansion in 2010 when it acquired AirTran, a smaller rival airline that already flew short-distance overseas destinations.


More recently, Southwest announced its plans to build an international terminal in Houston. With construction already underway, we’ll likely be seeing Southwest flights from Houston to Costa Rica sooner than we thought and its safe to assume the prices will be much lower than average.


The article also states Southwest is developing several new routes for AirTran, mainly focused on destinations in Mexico, but is also considering opportunities in South America for the future.


With JetBlue adding direct flights to Costa Rica and several other airlines already flying straight into Liberia, these new Southwest flights are an exciting new step toward connecting Tamarindo, Guanacaste and Costa Rica as a whole to the U.S. and international travel market. Just a few months ago, the low-cost Canadian airline WestJet announced new direct flights to Costa Rica, and it seems that Southwest might be the U.S.-version next to follow.tian xiao cheng


Great news for anyone looking to visit Las Mareas and move a little easier back and forth between Costa Rica and the U.S.


Bon voyage!



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