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Living the Pursuit of Happiness? Forbes Says: Move to Costa Rica.

Sunday, January 4th, 2015

Those of us who’ve already packed our bags and made Costa Rica home already know the answer – Costa Rica is a hell of a great place to live. Happiness, longevity and a healthy lifestyle are part of the game here. Residents live measurably longer lifespans and enjoy a blissfully calm, laid-back pace of life that keeps people grounded, centered and just plan happy the majority of their days.


According to a recent article published by Forbes Magazine, Costa Rica once again topped the list of happiest countries in an international poll. As part of a course called, “The Science of Happiness” put out by UC Berkeley, approximately 40,000 students across the globe took a survey reporting happiness levels. The outcome wasn’t surprising – Costa Rica scored high in cross-national happiness measures.


As the article explains, Costa Rica may not be the richest country out there when it comes to GDP, but all the research indicates a nation’s well-being and happiness may not be accurately measured using GDP as a standard. Even the US, which has a GDP about 4 times higher than Costa Rica, ranks 16th in the study based on subjective happiness – much lower than the content country of Costa Rica.


Costa Rica scored as the number one happiest country, followed by Croatia, Chile, Malaysia and Colombia. According to the study, these countries shared some similarities – primarily, residents felt less loneliness than reported in other nations. So, it turns out that social connection might indeed trump income when it comes to living a happy life.


Perhaps that’s no big epiphany for anyone – but you may still be asking why do people in Costa Rica feel less lonely? For our team at Las Mareas, many of us moved to Costa Rica from countries like the US or Canada and we can help try to explain: Costa Rica is a culture of connection. For those who were born here or those who move to settle, all experience the same strong community ties. Surfing, environmentalism and shared interest blossom in intimate beach towns like Tamarindo. The community is united by common interest among residents. Even if you don’t surf, everyone shares a collective love of the country’s beautiful natural landscape. That is a good feeling.


Living here, there is less isolation – less suburbia to separate and divide people from one another. The beach is a communal space and in order to survive here, we all must share and respect the land in every aspect of life. Social ties are strong; family is key and expats are accepted with open arms. It’s a welcoming, relaxed and comfortable social space. When you mix that in with the rejuvenating tropical breezes and crisp salty ocean air, you’ve got a recipe for happiness and longevity.


Costa Rica has been ranking one of the top “happy” nations for years. Back in 2009, CNN wrote, “Forget Disneyland! Costa Rica is the happiest place in the world.” Their reasoning came from a study that found, “Costa Ricans report the highest life satisfaction in the world and have the second-highest average life expectancy of the new world.”

That study concluded that Costa Ricans’ happiness comes from living in a place where the economy is centered on people and the environment. We couldn’t say it better ourselves. Like we just mentioned, our experience of Costa Rica is all about connections and the natural landscape. At the end of the day, if you’re fascinated by this research, we invite you to come check it out for yourself. The warm people, the spectacular scenery, the mellow vibes… You may just decide to stay forever!



Las Mareas Video

Tuesday, October 29th, 2013

Comes live the Las Mareas lifestyle…


Las Mareas de Tamarindo, now offering exclusive 3-bedroom ocean view villas for sale in Tamarindo, Guanacaste, Costa Rica.


Located just steps from the beach, countless surf breaks and vibrant, downtown Tamarindo, Las Mareas Villas are the best of both worlds. Live the tropical lifestyle at Las Mareas and learn more about purchasing one of our luxurious residences today. Also accepting vacation rentals – Come stay with us in Tamarindo jumping castles for sale!


To schedule a tour or book your rental today, contact us at

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Top 10 Reasons to Live in Tamarindo

Wednesday, January 30th, 2013

Our Top 10 Reasons to call Tamarindo home.

1. Entertainment.

Note the fact “nightlife” is not the terminology to use here. The connotations of the word “nightlife” can’t begin to cover the after-hours scene in Tamarindo – at least not for everyone. Sure you have the techno-thumping nightclubs where 20-somethings dance into the morning hours, but “nightlife” gives off a distinct non-family friendly vibe and Tamarindo is far from exclusive to backpacking party animals. The best thing about living in Tamarindo is options – high or low season, there is always something going on to appeal to residents of all ages and tastes. From bingo nights that attract everyone from teens to senior citizens to open-mic nights each Wednesday at Hotel Pasatiempo (local bands draw a crowd of faithful followers) there is something for everyone in Tamarindo.


2. Outdoor Life

If you enjoy the great outdoors, Tamarindo is the place for you. Living among nature is a part of life here and the outdoorsy lifestyle is part of what makes Tamarindo great. Indoor dining is a rarity here and at some restaurants it’s not even an option. Shelter from the rain is always available, but even in the rainy months there isn’t much (short of a natural disaster) that would deter Tamarindo residents from getting outside and enjoying life. My morning routine includes sipping a steaming hot cup of Costa Rican coffee and inhaling a revitalizing breath of salty air. It’s those moments I feel connected to nature and so grateful to live in a place with an abundance of hiking trails, the saltwater estuary and some of the world’s best waves at your fingertips.



3. Surf culture.

So yes – I’m behind schedule with my Costa Rica life plan of becoming a Quicksilver-sponsored badass surfer chick. Although I still struggle to stand up and annoy locals with a lack of surf etiquette, it hasn’t stopped me from falling in love with the sport from a distance. There’s something inspiring about the hypnotic surf videos playing at the local sushi lounge and something inherently gratifying about décor made with worn broken surf boards: mounted on the wall of an outdoor bar or given a second life as a unique coffee table. Wherever you fall on the surfer’s spectrum – there’s openness in the culture, a welcoming passion – that lights up Tamarindo and can be appreciated by all.


4. Community.


Tamarindo would be the perfect setting for a TV show. People here come from all walks of life – a collective gathering place for extremely different, yet like-minded characters. There are plenty of locals in the area, but Tamarindo has morphed into a noticeable expat community. Ask the question, “what brought you to Costa Rica,” and the variety of stories scales from black to white. It’s a myriad of intriguing labyrinths of lives so different that led to a place so small and distinct. There’s no better material in travel writing, or in life, than people and their stories and Tamarindo is full of material. I love not being able to leave the house without passing friendly faces, chatting with the security guard down the road and all the while subconsciously learning more about myself through every interaction.


5. It’s the best of both worlds.


Tamarindo is a place of paradoxes. It’s tranquil, yet touristy; developed, yet authentic and close-knit, but transient. Living here offers the best of both worlds. You can practice your Spanish with anyone, but you know you can switch to English if you can’t find that perfect phrase. There is a certain comfort knowing you are surrounded by travelers. They might stay a week or never leave, but either way it’s nice to feel a connection to the people around you. The center of town always echoes the sounds of the city – people chatting, bands playing and taxis driving – a reminder that here, you’re never alone even if a two minutes walk down a side street brings you home to the jungle silence where the only sounds are cicadas whirring and the occasional bellow from a neighboring howler monkey.


6.) Exotic fruit.

This one might be more applicable to Costa Rica as a whole, but Tamarindo certainly stands out in the foodie world. In general, I’ve been introduced to more exotic fruits in my time here than ever before. Walking down the street, mango trees drop juicy fruits in your lap that would normally cost up to $4 each at the local co-op back home in the States. In my backyard, trees sprout delicious orange varieties, limons (the equivalent of a lemon-lime hybrid) and bananas. Every day I can purchase (or find) fresh pineapple, papaya, guava, maracuyá (passionfruit), pipas (coconuts), mamones (fruit you crack open with your teeth), guanábana (known for it’s thick banana-coconut flavored juice) or Tamarindo, which is not just the name of the town, but also a sweet and sour tasting fruit found inside brown seed-like pods. Que rico!



7. You don’t need a car.

Practically everything in Tamarindo is within walking distance. The supermarkets, restaurants and bars are literally located on a ½ mile strip and most accommodations are well under a mile from the center of town. It’s so concentrated that doing errands feels like a one-stop shopping experience as you can hit the supermarket, the bank, your favorite clothing shop and grab a smoothie all in one place.


8. Tourism


Despite complaints about tourists not knowing how to drive in high season, the tour industry continues to benefit Tamarindo residents even more so than the visitors it’s designed for. Economically, tourism is the lifeline for keeping restaurants, bars and hotels in business. Although things slow down during the rainy months, a steady stream of travelers helps local businesses keep the town alive and exciting all year. When high season hits, Tamarindo more than triples in size to the delight business owners and locals alike. Personally, I like the chance to meet travelers. It’s a part of the eclectic community that makes Tamarindo, Tamarindo.


9. ) Business Potential.


The most successful people around here are those who noticed something missing and carved out their own niche in Tamarindo. There is endless potential to market yourself and your unique services and with the closest city about an hour away, there are always services and skills needed in town locally. Travelers with the right drive have given it a shot and generally, they succeed. Babysitting businesses, yoga studios, catering companies, freelancing and more are just some of the offbeat ways people make a living following their passion in Tamarindo.


10.) Accessibility.

At times, it can feel isolating being located so far from the capital city of San Jose (around 5 hours in a car). But, the options for transportation outside of Tamarindo are abundant and once again, it’s a best of both worlds situation – where you can enjoy the remote, small-town feel of this Guanacaste town one day and the next, you can be on a quick and painless $20 shuttle to the Liberia Airport that connects with hundreds of destinations across the globe. The option to fly back to New York City for under $500 (if well-planned) or to jump aboard a domestic Nature Air flight to San Jose ($50-$120) if I’m missing urban life is a nice bonus coming from someone who, like Tamarindo, is a bit of a city/country kind of paradox.


- Suzanna

Welcome to Las Mareas

Wednesday, October 17th, 2012

Welcome to the official website of Las Mareas de Tamarindo!

It’s been years of prepping, planning and preparing every element of Tamarindo’s latest real estate project Las Mareas. From the efficiency measures placed in our villas’ design features to the farm fresh source of each local ingredient on the menu at Pangas Beach Club, all of the elements of this project have been hand selected to finally present to the public through the launch of our new website.



In 2005, a group of like-minded friends and business partners from across the globe got to talking. Each member involved had one critical factor in common – all had chosen to call Tamarindo home, be it a full or part time residence. They shared a love of Costa Rica’s rich natural beauty, diverse ecosystems, awesome surf and the all around laidback lifestyle of this country and Tamarindo in particular. But, as the group watched development soar in this Guanacaste beach town over the years, they noticed something was missing. As the town grew outward and through high-rise condos, quite literally upwards, it seemed a project that preserved and fostered the lifestyle that attracted so many to Tamarindo in the first place was absent from the town’s growing façade. Out of a common realization and shared vision, the concept for Las Mareas de Tamarindo was born.


In hindsight, the economic recession turned out to be somewhat of a blessing for this real estate project as it allowed the group to rework their business plan with the post-recession consumer in mind.


“The recession gave us time to abandon our original business plan that had been created when we had a very different market on our hands,” said Bruce McKillican, the project manager at Las Mareas. “It let us sit down and really study what would make a successful, sustainable project for the future in a market where very few people are actually building and selling properties.”


The goal and mission remained the same, but the way in which it would be accomplished adjusted to the post-crisis environment. In a risky economy, what was important to homeowners considering owning property in a place like Costa Rica? How could Las Mareas not only appeal to buyers because of its location and tropical beauty, but also – how could it appeal to buyers as a long term investment in a post-market economic climate? The answer was clear: low cost of ownership and competitive advantages in the rental market to position Las Mareas with the potential for true and measurable ways to realize appreciation in your long term investment.


“Our business model gives special attention to efficiency in our units and the rentability of those units,” McKillican said. “We’re offering a product in a market that’s looking for high quality and purchasing at an affordable price point.”


In addition to unique attention placed on efficiency and low cost of ownership, Las Mareas is poised to be the only project of its kind in the Tamarindo and greater Guanacaste market today. With unparalleled ocean views of Playa Grande and Las Baulas National Marine Park, exclusive access to Pangas Beach Club, the security and privacy of a gated community, Las Mareas de Tamarindo is unlike anything in the area.


But, you don’t have to take our word for it. We invite you to come stop by our sales office at El Tesoro and check out the progress on the group. Come up and see the ocean views for yourself and then treat yourself to a cold drink at our beach club – we guarantee you won’t be disappointed. Thank you for visiting our site and we hope you’ll check back soon to stay up-to-date with our project as the dream becomes a reality!