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2014 Newsletter – Las Mareas

Friday, February 28th, 2014

Well, it’s been a while. The lack of updates from Las Mareas over the past few months isn’t due to lack of activity – we’ve just been saving all the juicy news for 2014. Two months into the new year (Happy Belated New Years, by the way), and Las Mareas and Pangas Beach Club are both busier than ever. It’s the second high season for Pangas and the first high season for Las Mareas’ vacation rentals. With the restaurant packed nightly and the villas full of happy tenants, things are moving down here in Tamarindo and the future couldn’t look brighter. After a slight lull in low season, we’re back and here are the latest updates from the Las Mareas group. We hope you are able to escape the “Arctic Vortex” cold and come visit us in sunny Tamarindo soon – Enjoy!

Vacation Rentals

Rentals: Vacation rentals are quickly becoming the energy center of Las Mareas and its growing in-house property management company. We have over five inquiries coming in daily and as the villas fill up, we’re realizing that Las Mareas vacation rentals could be a better investment than we initially thought. Our buyers will see their purchase as a true, long-term investment due to the unnaturally high occupancy of rentals Las Mareas is generating.


Our secret weapon is Pangas. There are countless groups booking the beach club as a venue for weddings, events and large parties and we’ve found that most of them are looking for a place to stay while in Tamarindo.


We’re here to fill that gap. By offering exclusive vacation rentals connected to Pangas, we’re able to book large groups that often book all six villas at once to accommodate wedding parties, large families, etc.  Right now, we have at least five groups renting between four and six villas in conjunction with hosting their events at Pangas coming up in 2014.
Bruce is excited for the future because with Pangas as our unique amenity, we’re setting ourselves apart from the market. We’ve realized we have no competition when it comes to booking event parties connected to a beach club with a structure like we’ve set up at Las Mareas and Pangas. Very exciting stuff!


In addition to event groups, we’re booking tons of regular vacation rentals every day and the calendar is filling up for 2014. Since we began renting last July, we’ve had clients from across the globe – Canada, the United States, Germany, Russia, Italy, Costa Rica, Colombia and more. We’re happy to say we’ve established great relationships with our rental clients and more than one of them have come back as repeat customers. We’ve even generated some sales interest from our most loyal rental clients and many customers ask to hear our sales presentation during their stay. The feedback has been nothing but positive and we pride ourselves on offering the best in customer service for our rental clients from the moment they send an inquiry email, to after they’ve returned home from their trip.


But you don’t have to take my word for it – check out what people have been saying about Las Mareas vacation rentals on VRBO here:



The sales buzz around Las Mareas continues to grow in 2014 with walk-in clients, realtor showings and other prospective buyers stopping by the project every day. One of the reasons we’ve waited a bit to release the 2014 newsletter is so we could confirm the latest news – the sale of Villa #4. In January, Bruce negotiated a deal with our first post-construction buyer and the sale recently closed during the first week of February. Congratulations to everyone who helped make it happen!

We expect this key first sale in the post-construction phase to pave the way. With one villa sold after construction, we will create a new sense of urgency in the local market and remind interested buyers about all the benefits of owning a Las Mareas Villa. With the newfound excitement surrounding the project and the market on the move, we anticipate this first sale will lead to the sale of the remaining four villas in the near future.



Sadly, Las Mareas will be saying goodbye to one of its own in March. After 1.5 years Suzanna, who handles the project’s marketing, communication and most of the vacation rental leads, announced she would be leaving the project in order to pursue a career more aligned with her background in travel writing. Suzanna just got a job updating a Costa Rica guidebook – although she’ll be out on the road for the next two months, Suzanna will still be helping out with Las Mareas work remotely as needed. Of course, we will miss Suzanna greatly (even if she is the one writing this!), but we’re confident that Jen Dizgun, who is now training to take over Suzanna’s position, will do a fantastic job with all the marketing and communications responsibilities for Las Mareas. Jen, a Quebec native, is fluent in English, French and Spanish, having lived and worked in Spain and Argentina for the past 15 years. Jen comes to us with a wealth of computer and marketing background, as well as years of experience managing rental properties with her husband in Buenos Aires. Jen has been working every day in February to prepare and we’re excited about everything she will bring to the table when she takes over in March.


Write us a Review!!

If you’ve stayed with us at Las Mareas and haven’t written a review yet, please help us out by clicking the following links to post a review!





What people are saying about Las Mareas…


“My wife and I recently stayed at Las Mareas and we have nothing but great things to say. The property is beautiful. The condo is amazingly clean and very well appointed. Everything is new and and well thought out to the smallest detail. The views are amazing. Town and the beach are just minutes away yet you have the privacy of the gated community. Without hesitation we would recommend Las Mareas. Pura Vida.”






2014 Newsletter – Pangas Beach Club

Friday, February 28th, 2014

What’s new at Pangas Beach Club in 2014 – Second half of the Las Mareas 2014 newsletter.



In December, Pangas opened up seven days a week for high season and the restaurant has been buzzing ever since. Weddings and events are continuing to be a huge source of business. As of January, Elizabeth had over 45 events on the books for the coming year and I’m sure that number has only gone up since. Here’s a bit about other recent news:



  • Pangas Happy Hour is back! Join us 7 days a week at the bar for 2 x 1 specials on select beer and cocktails.
  • Tuesday En Fuego: Enjoy a live fire show every Tuesday after dark
  • The Pangas Fish Market is also open everyday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. We’ve got the freshest fish in the area at prices that beat out the competition. This year we’re selling fish by the portion (200 grams) – for example, we have fresh tuna, grouper, mahi-mahi, snook, snapper and catch of the day ranging in price from $3.00 – $5.40 per portion.

Surfrider Foundation Event:

 On January 18th, Pangas was the place to be when it hosted the 2014  Surfrider Foundation Event sponsored by Red Bull. The night was a huge  success with over 405 people taking part in the action. Pangas charged a  cover fee at the door and all proceeds went to benefit the Surfrider  Foundation, a non-profit organization specializing in preserving and  enjoying beaches and oceans around the world.

The fun began with live music at 7 p.m. as community members  gathered  to watch presentations by three-time WCT pro surfers.  The excitement  grew as Red Bull-sponsored, six-time world  champion Sandro Dias put  on a vert skateboard demo on a  temporary half pipe ramp set up on the beach.


Live music, dynamic entertainment, good drinks and great  company for an even better cause – a complete success! We’re  happy Pangas could help raise over over $2,500 to benefit the  Surfrider Foundation. Thanks to everyone who helped make it possible.


(Photos by Murray Greer)

Las Mareas Video

Tuesday, October 29th, 2013

Comes live the Las Mareas lifestyle…


Las Mareas de Tamarindo, now offering exclusive 3-bedroom ocean view villas for sale in Tamarindo, Guanacaste, Costa Rica.


Located just steps from the beach, countless surf breaks and vibrant, downtown Tamarindo, Las Mareas Villas are the best of both worlds. Live the tropical lifestyle at Las Mareas and learn more about purchasing one of our luxurious residences today. Also accepting vacation rentals – Come stay with us in Tamarindo jumping castles for sale!


To schedule a tour or book your rental today, contact us at

(506) 8832-5773,,






Villa Furniture by Kenneth Cobonpue

Tuesday, June 18th, 2013

As we add the final details to the Las Mareas Villas, I felt it important to put the spotlight on Filipino furniture designer Kenneth Cobonpue, who supplied a significant portion of the furniture for our six villas.



The approach Cobonpue takes to furniture design echoes the philosophy of Las Mareas and our architect’s theory that the villa design should integrate locally sourced materials with fine craftsmanship to exist in harmony alongside the natural environment.


Furniture from the Suzy Wong collection

Becasuse Cobonpue’s philosophy complements Las Mareas so well, his work was a natural choice when it came time to select the furniture for our villas. In addition, Cobonpue hails from the Philippines, so his work features an innate tropical flavor fitting seamlessly with the villa’s Pacific Rim theme – Note: All the remaining furniture in the villa is directly imported from Bali, Indonesia.



If you visit Cobonpue’s website, you can view his many collections including the “Suzy Wong” collection, which is the specific line used in the Las Mareas Villas. The “Suzy Wong” furniture collection focuses on intricate Southeast Asian woven rattan and simple, yet elegant, statement pieces inflatable tent.



Cobonpue’s website describes the “Suzy Wong” collection: “Reminiscent of oriental period styles, the Suzy Wong collection fuses traditional eastern sensibilities with modern design principles. Made from traditional materials such as lampakanai abaca, rattan and wood, Suzy Wong exudes sophistication using the traditional and the natural.”















Stylish with an emphasis on nature… A perfect fit for the villas at Las Mareas.



Kenneth Cobonpue is a multi-award winning furniture designer who speaks on Southeast Asian design across the world. He studied Industrial Design at the Pratt Institute in New York and boasts a list of celebrity clients such as Brad Pitt and members of the royal family. In 2007, TIME Magazine called him, “rattans first virtuoso.”








Pangas Goes International

Tuesday, April 16th, 2013

This Wednesday, Pangas kicks off a new fixture: the World Cuisine Series.
Every Wednesday from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m. join us at Pangas for an all-you-can-eat International-themed buffet. At just $20 (10,00 CRC) per adult and $10 per child under 10, this is a GREAT deal! Price includes tax and service as well.custom inflatables



Pangas goes Greek

On Wednesday, April 17, Pangas celebrates Greece with a Greek style buffet featuring:



Tzatziki: Yogurt, cucumber and garlic dip.
Pita: Fresh baked pita
Horiatiki Salata: Greek Salad
• Moussakas: Eggplant, potato, black angus ground beef and bechamel sauce casserole
• Kalamarakia; Fried squid
• Chtapodi sti schara: Grilled octopus in vinegar, extra virgin olive oil and fresh oregano
• Pagoto Fistiki: Pistachio Ice Cream


Greek Night Signature Drink
• Santorini Sunrise C3.000 (taxes and service included)


“Kali Orexi” = Bon Appetit/Buen Provecho

Pangas’ World Cuisine Series features live entertainment. On Greek night:


• Live Music with Los Tres Amigos
• PRIZE: The best Greek costume gets a free Buffet Dinner for 2 people next Wednesday


Stay tuned to our Facebook page at for photos and announcements about next week’s featured country.



Las Mareas Soundbites: Part 4, Pangas Beach Club

Monday, April 8th, 2013

Pangas Beach Club:


Beautiful Pangas Beach Club

Pangas is the beach club for Las Mareas. Typically and historically, beach clubs are offered exclusively to real estate owners and there’s an accompanying fee for that exclusivity. In an effort to keep the cost of ownership at a minimum, Las Mareas created an alternate plan. The plan is to open the beach club to the public and make it a very successful, standalone location. Then, we give the owners of our villas specials rights and privileges at that beach club. Most importantly we treat the owners as a sort of business partner with the beach club. When an owner rents his property with us, the clients run a tab at Pangas much like a hotel and the villa owners get 10% of sales placed in their bank for use at Pangas when they are in town. Other benefits include board storage at the beach, a tab in the villa owners name and exclusive villa delivery and catering options.


Don’t forget to visit Pangas’ Facebook page for regular updates about live music, menu specials and other events. 


Some examples of recent happenings at Pangas include:

  • A special Easter brunch with Easter egg hunt and egg decorating for the kids
  • Sunday Funday – All-you-can-eat Sunday buffets with live music, activities and fun for the whole family
  • Jazz Wednesdays – Wednesday night live jazz music by the Tres Amigos
  • And much, much more!

Easter egg painting at Pangas Beach Club!

Pangas’ own website is currently under construction and we will reveal the new, re-vamped version of (which will also be accessible at, in the next few months! Stay tuned.



Las Mareas Soundbites: Part 3, Cost of Ownership

Friday, April 5th, 2013

Cost of Ownership:


Las Mareas has been preparing to engage in development since 2005. We had the unexpected benefit of the financial downturn, which allowed us time to rewrite our business plan considering a post-financial crisis market. We recognize that people are no longer buying properties expecting to appreciate 20% a year, but they are buying properties now because they truly want to own them.


Las Mareas is a wonderful development for the sustainability of the marketplace. We also realize people simply want the combination of high quality at a great price. We’re attempting to give them that. People also want to know that ownership won’t be expensive and part of considering the price is the cost of ownership. What are the HOA fees? What are my electric bills? What can I expect for repairs and maintenance? How about income on my property if I rent it?


We’re very pleased at Las Mareas to have put together a plan to score high marks in all these categories. For example, the energy saving features on the villas also translate to low cost of ownership. Much energy has been directed toward creating a structure that lowers the HOA fees and we think we’ve been successful. Through a special relationship with our beach club we also expect to exceed the local market in rentability and give our buyers income on their villa if they so desire it. Greater detail on these points can be provided upon request.


Pura vida!


(Just 2 weeks until the first villa is complete!)



Las Mareas Soundbites: Part 2, Green Features

Saturday, March 30th, 2013

Green Features

We’re very proud of our conservative stance on the environment. A few of the green features in El Tesoro are: green zones, height restrictions, set back requirements and a black water treatment plant who’s water is then used to irrigate the community green zones. Our villas proudly boast Pella-brand doors and windows that are filled with dual pane glass, which seal like refrigerators and keep the hot out and the cold in. Our roof was insulated with closed cell foam, to prevent radiant heat from entering the unit and our air-conditioners are of the latest technology for high efficiency. All of this combines to create a minimum need for energy to run these villas, thus benefiting the environment and greatly reducing the cost of ownership. Additionally, our landscaping has been strategically chosen to include local plant varieties that are drought tolerant and well suited to the climate here, yet still remain beautiful and tropical. We also deliberately oriented all the units northwest – something we will try to do with all our future construction – so the afternoon tropical sun doesn’t enter the home. A tremendous amount of energy is saved this way and your views remain blue and green through the morning, afternoon and evening.



Here is a list Las Mareas’ green features:


  • Black water treatment plant where water is processed and then used to irrigate the community’s green zones
  • El Tesoro is filled with protected green zones so you will always have trees around to support air-quality, natural wildlife and temperature regulation
  • La Cantina bi-folding door systems on the living room and master bedroom patio: These doors seal your villa like a refrigerator, so when they’re closed, no air can escape thus saving you A/C use and energy
  • Pella dual-pane, argon-filled glass windows: Keep heat out and cold in, these windows are the most energy efficient on the market not only keeping your villa nice and cool, but also reducing the amount of energy consumption necessary
  • Closed cell foam roof insulation – This innovative technology prevents radiant heat from entering the unit, lowering in-home energy costs and consumption
  • High efficiency 17-seer Carrier A/C units with room occupancy sensors are built with smart technology to turn down when the sensor notices no people are in a room – a great energy and money saver if you ever forget to switch off the A/C!
  • Landscaping – All our landscaping has been strategically chosen to include local plant varieties that are well-suited to the climate and drought tolerant, thus giving your villa a thriving green surrounding for incredible air quality all year long
  • Orientation: Each villa is deliberately oriented northwest – meaning no afternoon tropical sun enters your home during the hottest hours of the day, thus keeping your needs for energy and A/C consumption to a minimum.


Las Mareas Soundbites: Part 1, Location

Monday, March 25th, 2013

Las Mareas General: Gated Community, Close to Town, Views of Nature, Walk to Beach


One of the most interesting and unique aspects of our project is that you can’t find anything in Guanacaste with the same features. What features are those? Las Mareas Villas are located within the El Tesoro gated community inside the town of Tamarindo. Tamarindo is, in effect, our amenity. You have shopping, dining and all the activity and action of the most vibrant town in Guanacaste right outside your gate. The great thing about our gated community, El Tesoro, is you can have the town in your backyard, but you don’t have to look at it. Our view is 100% of nature and you see nothing of construction. We look at Las Baulas National Marine Park and Playa Grande – easily the most environmentally protected real estate in Costa Rica – and that’s all we see, yet the town is right outside our entry gate. In order to have an unspoiled view of nature, most people travel to the Osa Peninsula where they don’t have to see structures so it’s incredible that we have that in Tamarindo.



The other feature is simply this – we are a gated community. Like other gated communities, we enjoy the benefits of quality infrastructure, privacy, security, building protections, green zones and more. However, all the other gated communities in our area are at least a half-hour from a town, so if you want to go to a restaurant, you need to drive 30 minutes.



Finally, we also have one other very unique feature that is due to our topography. We have an incredible ocean view and we’re steps to the beach. Nobody has this. Most places, if you have an ocean view, you’re driving to the beach and if you’re within walking distance, you’re not going to have an ocean view.


So, add all these features together and we realize we have the ability to have our cake and eat it too. Throw in the beach club, which gives you your own place on the beach, with your residence up on the hill and you can spend your days coming and going from the ocean and still retreat to cooler temperatures and privacy in your villa with awesome views of nature.



Southwest Airlines Will Soon Fly to Costa Rica

Monday, March 18th, 2013

With the plan to build a new international terminal in Houston and the goal of venturing into international markets, Southwest Airlines will be flying to Costa Rica sooner than we might have thought.

According to an article published in the Costa Rican Times on Tuesday, March 12, Southwest set a goal of doubling its number of international flights over the next five years.


Southwest, a low-cost airline historically based in the United States, made its first move toward international expansion in 2010 when it acquired AirTran, a smaller rival airline that already flew short-distance overseas destinations.


More recently, Southwest announced its plans to build an international terminal in Houston. With construction already underway, we’ll likely be seeing Southwest flights from Houston to Costa Rica sooner than we thought and its safe to assume the prices will be much lower than average.


The article also states Southwest is developing several new routes for AirTran, mainly focused on destinations in Mexico, but is also considering opportunities in South America for the future.


With JetBlue adding direct flights to Costa Rica and several other airlines already flying straight into Liberia, these new Southwest flights are an exciting new step toward connecting Tamarindo, Guanacaste and Costa Rica as a whole to the U.S. and international travel market. Just a few months ago, the low-cost Canadian airline WestJet announced new direct flights to Costa Rica, and it seems that Southwest might be the U.S.-version next to follow.tian xiao cheng


Great news for anyone looking to visit Las Mareas and move a little easier back and forth between Costa Rica and the U.S.


Bon voyage!