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Welcome to the official website of Las Mareas de Tamarindo!

It’s been years of prepping, planning and preparing every element of Tamarindo’s latest real estate project Las Mareas. From the efficiency measures placed in our villas’ design features to the farm fresh source of each local ingredient on the menu at Pangas Beach Club, all of the elements of this project have been hand selected to finally present to the public through the launch of our new website.



In 2005, a group of like-minded friends and business partners from across the globe got to talking. Each member involved had one critical factor in common – all had chosen to call Tamarindo home, be it a full or part time residence. They shared a love of Costa Rica’s rich natural beauty, diverse ecosystems, awesome surf and the all around laidback lifestyle of this country and Tamarindo in particular. But, as the group watched development soar in this Guanacaste beach town over the years, they noticed something was missing. As the town grew outward and through high-rise condos, quite literally upwards, it seemed a project that preserved and fostered the lifestyle that attracted so many to Tamarindo in the first place was absent from the town’s growing façade. Out of a common realization and shared vision, the concept for Las Mareas de Tamarindo was born.


In hindsight, the economic recession turned out to be somewhat of a blessing for this real estate project as it allowed the group to rework their business plan with the post-recession consumer in mind.


“The recession gave us time to abandon our original business plan that had been created when we had a very different market on our hands,” said Bruce McKillican, the project manager at Las Mareas. “It let us sit down and really study what would make a successful, sustainable project for the future in a market where very few people are actually building and selling properties.”


The goal and mission remained the same, but the way in which it would be accomplished adjusted to the post-crisis environment. In a risky economy, what was important to homeowners considering owning property in a place like Costa Rica? How could Las Mareas not only appeal to buyers because of its location and tropical beauty, but also – how could it appeal to buyers as a long term investment in a post-market economic climate? The answer was clear: low cost of ownership and competitive advantages in the rental market to position Las Mareas with the potential for true and measurable ways to realize appreciation in your long term investment.


“Our business model gives special attention to efficiency in our units and the rentability of those units,” McKillican said. “We’re offering a product in a market that’s looking for high quality and purchasing at an affordable price point.”


In addition to unique attention placed on efficiency and low cost of ownership, Las Mareas is poised to be the only project of its kind in the Tamarindo and greater Guanacaste market today. With unparalleled ocean views of Playa Grande and Las Baulas National Marine Park, exclusive access to Pangas Beach Club, the security and privacy of a gated community, Las Mareas de Tamarindo is unlike anything in the area.


But, you don’t have to take our word for it. We invite you to come stop by our sales office at El Tesoro and check out the progress on the group. Come up and see the ocean views for yourself and then treat yourself to a cold drink at our beach club – we guarantee you won’t be disappointed. Thank you for visiting our site and we hope you’ll check back soon to stay up-to-date with our project as the dream becomes a reality!

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